Seas & Greetings!


Submerge In Water. Explore Your Mind. Heal Your Body.

SirenYoga™ is a total-submersion wellness experience. Our sessions combine the benefits of yoga with the healing factors of therapeutic aqua exercise and the adventures of scuba diving. Using scuba-grade SAS (surface air supply), you’ll build strength without stress, increase flexibility without strain and find your open water.

Get your mermaid glow on as you take your downward-dog down under, experiencing a classic gentle yoga flow within the serenity of water-induced sound isolation and low-gravity. Each sea-ssion is anchored in traditional practice and catered specifically to the needs of each group with equal time devoted to deep breath and total bliss.



Currently serving the Los Angeles area

Coming Soon: NYC + Caribbean Retreats



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 *Scuba Diving Certification NOT Required

How We Dive Deep

SirenYoga™ uses the latest tech in aquatic dive gear to ensure our practices are seamless, serene and safe. We want you to feel as close to freely breathing & moving underwater as bodily limits allow! This experience physically allows you to practice yoga while fully submerged and breathing like a marine animal or, more ideally, a Siren! 


Must Purchase for First Class:

  • Mouthpiece for Regulator (Breathing Apparatus)


*Mouthpiece is available for purchase in advance from a dive shop or in-person from your SirenYoga™ Instructor (this must be brought to every class).


All Other Equipment is Provided in All Classes,

[If you prefer to bring your own dive mask, that is fine too.]


Photography Package

Why interrupt your practice by snapping a pic on your shell-phone, when you can preserve your dive with a professional underwater photographer?!

*Included in all inaugural LA & NYC sessions in exchange for your participation in our feedback survey