Health & Wellness Benefits

No One’s Taking Yoga As Deep As We Are!

 SirenYoga™ provides a one-of-a-kind combination of yoga and hydrotherapy with the serenity of deep breathing and sound isolation for an unparalleled experience in strength, wonder and calm. You’ll feel the bliss of an open-water, distraction-free environment while reaping the specific health benefits of our trademarked practice.


Distraction Free

It’s hard to hear text message notifications when you’re 10 feet underwater. That’s a good thing.




We all love jumping in the water because it’s fun -- beaches are considered “destinations” for a reason, right? Here’s what else the water can do for you:

      —  Vitalize the lymphatic system to remove toxins and improve skin condition

      —  Stimulate skin cells to reduce cellulite

      —  Cool down “hot,” overactive nervous systems to induce a calm state

      —  Waves and currents provide natural low-force massage to energize muscles and galvanize the body’s own healing ability


Increased Strength & Flexibility

Thought yoga was only about bending? Try holding a chair pose while you read the rest of this website. Then try doing a push up… underwater. Siren’s weren’t considered the most beautiful creatures of the undersea realm because of their scales...

With balance support provided organically by the buoyancy of the water, you’ll be touching your toes or acing that handstand faster than you can say “absolutely not.”


Low Impact

Many exercises that build muscle do so at the risk of endangering joints and bones, but not ours. The natural movement of the water reduces gravitational friction so you can gain strength and mobility without adding stress to sensitive joints and tissues in the body.

Age, conditioning and injury can make other practices impossible, but SirenYoga™ welcomes all willing to take the plunge!

Deep Breathing

Ever heard a yoga teacher tell you to focus on your breath? Our regulators bring your breath to the forefront of your practice so you can go deep without losing sight of what’s most important.


Yogic Benefits

SirenYoga™ offers classes in traditional Hatha and Yin styles of yoga alongside contemporary practices of Vinyasa Flow. The physical postures (“asanas”) are designed to align limbs, muscles and bones while building full body strength and flexibility.

Studies show yoga helps our bodies to reduce pain, boost endorphins and lower blood pressure -- not bad for a day on the water. No, you don’t need to be flexible and you don’t need spandex. Come as you are. Smile. Life’s about to be a beach chair.